MIA and other excuses…

Sorry I have been MIA the past couple days. My health has been crazy. Terrible migraines and blood pressure through the roof! I saw my dr the other day and was diagnosed with high blood pressure and he put me on a medicine. So, at 29, I let stress get the best of me and ruin my health! Hopefully the meds work and I will be headache free soon. I have noticed my head feeling a lot better which is great and still running trial and error on my meds to find the right milligrams that help. I need to get back to a healthier lifestyle. I know that will make me feel better and get me out of my slump. I have never been unemployed from a job for this long and I’m starting to go crazy… And I realized it’s only been 3 weeks. I need to regather my thoughts and get back to doing what I do best…. And that’s kicking ass! So, enough of that rant (which probably typing that made my blood pressure rise) I will end with this. Which I need to remind myself daily….


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